Octave Printed Marketing Collateral 2022-2023
This project highlights numerous printed marketing materials developed and designed for clients, referrers and providers to inform the particular audience about the quality of Octave's mental health services.
Octave client facing square C-fold brochure.
Folder created for Business Development to include various marketing materials for increasing referral channels.
Suicide prevention brochure created for Mental Health Awareness Month 2022. The Z-fold brochure served to inform individuals about warning signs, as well as provide critical resources for further prevention.
One sheet marketing collateral created to illustrate Octave's footprint in emerging markets. The piece served to bolster brand recognition, drive higher referrals, and entice potential clients to use Octave's services.
L - Octave business card, R - Digital banner placement on college campuses to drive student and faculty towards Octave's services.
Two variants of client facing postcards.
Bi-fold brochure created to be utilized in OB/GYN offices to inform women of Octave's services more specifically to women-only mental health services.
Conference booth presence collateral including pull-up banner designs. 
The preceding creative assisted in further engaging with clients and providers. The various campaigns in which these materials were implemented built higher brand recognition. The campaign creative was implemented in core markets (California and New York) as well as emerging markets (Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, Texas and Washington D.C.)
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